Foundation Repair Baytown

Baytown is located east of Houston at mouth of San Jacinto River making it a unique geology location. Baytown foundation is widely affected by unstable soil since it surrounded by water on 3 sides.  The entire area is flat with low elevation near Galveston Bay therefore it is very prone to recurrent floods.

Foundation repair is also a common need in Baytown because a major part of developed real estate is built on reclaimed marshes, prairies and swamps. It sis therefore important to find a professional foundation repair service upon noticing any cracks in the foundation. We are a prefect company for your foundation repair needs since we have well trained professionals who have been   engaged in such assignments for many years.

Our repair process

Our professionals will come to your building and start off by inspecting the damage on the foundation to determine the kind of repairs it will require. This helps the repair supervisor to know the permanent solution required to sort out the damage. Before starting work, we will inform our clients about   every step of the repair process so that we agree on the convenient time for us to schedule the foundation repair work.

Our technicians use these steps to repair a foundation to highest standards possible:

  • Soil core test
  • Boxing
  • Drilling and belching
  • Steel rebar-ring and concrete pour
  • Clean-up
  • Curing
  • Leveling
  • Under slab plumbing repair
  • Mud pumping

Our support team and installation supervisors are ready to answer all questions regarding job progress at any stage of repair.

Why we are a reliable service

We are experts but always accommodate the needs of our clients. Each of our team supervisors will work closely with homeowners to coordinate foundation repair work. We will even have photos and videos that help us to explain the repair process in way that clients will understand.

A common house foundation repair job will be complete in approximately 3 weeks.  We take this long because we wait for poured concrete to cure completely. All our experienced repair technicians work hard to make sure that the process is fast and painless and at the same time success as possible. We take all the steps to make sure that lawn and plants are well protected from damage.  Our team cleans up the entire area after finishing the work. We will two different supervisors to check on quality if the work will involve leveling.

For all kinds of foundation repair work please call us at: (281) 201-4724 to schedule a FREE Consultation.