Clear Lake like other areas around Texas has expansive soils that pose significant risk to foundations especially for light buildings. Swelling clays form residual soils are known to exert strong uplift pressures that are capable of causing significant damage to foundation of various structures in Clear Lake.

Warning signs of foundation damage

 Floor problem is the most common waning sign that a house could be having foundation problems.  Cracks on a floor could be caused by sinking or bowing at certain places, showing floor gaps, slanting at one direction, excessive creaking  or any other noticeable damage.

It is important to contact a foundation repair service soon after noticing problems with any of the following:

  • Floors –sinking, bowing , sagging or flexing with weight
  • Floor coverings- cracking of tiles, creaking and gaps developed on wooden floors
  • Doors and windows-Stick or drag when opening or closing as it could be caused by movement on the foundation
  • Interior sheetrock cracks

We get calls from many Clear Lake home owners for the above problems. We however consider each project to be different and take specialized care to make sure that we do the right foundation repairs. Although this might the first time a client is dealing with formation problems, this is our daily job therefore we have enough experience to settle for a permanent solution.

Our foundation Repair Solutions

There are various foundation repair methods used by out technical team to solve any foundation issues encountered by our clients. These solutions are developed, designed and tested by seasoned structural and geotechnical engineers so as to meet both domestic and international structural standards. The most common solutions we use to repair foundations are:

  • Foundation settlement repair
  • Crawl space repair
  • Foundation wall strengthening
  • Foundation wall stabilization
  • Street creep repair
  • Mud jacking

We are determined to make sure that our clients get the same care for their buildings that same way each of us would reap air our own.

Other services

We also offer these foundation repair complementary services:

  • foundation inspection including written appraisal and a foundation repair plan
  • soil test to determine condition around a building
  • installing root barricades
  • pump concrete and mud slurry into voids under concrete slab to reinforce foundation and enhance its stability
  • plumbing leak detections
  • trenching and tunnel solutions for any under slab work or repairs

Home foundation repair and other related work takes time to complete. We therefore make arrangements to send our team at the most convenient time for our clients.

For all kinds of foundation repair work please call us at: (281) 201-4724 to schedule a FREE Consultation.