foundation repair work completed on homeAre there advantages of having Foundation Repair in Houston?

Houston soil is probably one of the worst in southern Texas.  It is composed of clay and other useless deposits.  This can cause extreme dryness and cracks in the soil during the summer.  It can also cause shrinkage of the earth during winters.  This expansion and contraction of soil all season long over time can cause foundation related problems to occur.

How Do I Fix My Broken Foundation?

Fixing your foundation involves repairing damaged slab or sunken cracked soil that support the slab.

If you have lived in your home for a while.  You will see that the foundation settles after a few years.  Also tree roots can cause damage to the soil as the tree grows taller over the years.  If you start seeing minor cracks in your flooring or on concrete slabs around the patio, give us a call today.

When you call us, we'll send a certified technician onsite to evaluate the depth of the damage and provide you an estimate of what its going to take to fix the foundation problem.  Depending on what kind of damage has occured to your concrete base, we'll provide a cost effective solution to help repair the damage in a timely manner.