Galveston is a coastal region city   found at Galveston and Pelican Island at state of Texas. It is an old city as   first settlements in this area were constructed as far back as 1816.  The building then was used as war support centers but with time, Galveston developed to a city of settlers. Building in the area may have been reconstructed severally and transformed but the soil underneath is the same.

It has clay soil which expands during wet or rainy season due to holding much water and shrinks during dry weather after losing water and moistures. Over years, there are many homeowners who experience frustration because of foundation damages. They engage in costly foundation repair.   Most of the foundation problems and damages can be attributed to these causes:

  • Soil swelling and shrinkage
  • Compacted soil that loosens and settles during construction work causing movement of foundation
  • Soil erosion above retaining walls and on hillsides causing sliding and slumping

Our foundation solutions

Most of the time after specific period, soil and environmental conditions surrounding home foundation might create specific problems that require   correction. We offer professional foundation repair to any clients who notice indicators that show it damage. When contacted, we send members of our staff with experience in foundation work to evaluate the extent of damage. They also determine the methods that we should use to solve the problem totally.

There are various foundation repair methods that we can use to fix damages. We have solutions that are developed and tested by structural and geotechnical engineers.   We use foundation repair methods that meet all professional standards.

The most common solutions we employ for foundation repairs are:

  • Foundation settlement repair
  • Foundation wall stabilization
  • Crawl space repair
  • Foundation wall straightening
  • Street creep repair
  • Mud jacking


Our commitment

We are committed to use the method that repair the damaged foundation and strengthen it to last in perfect condition for long. This is the reason we start off by conducting an inspection to pinpoint the exact foundation repair that is required to correct the damage.

Since most of foundation issues are attributed to soil conditions surrounding a home, most homeowners are unaware of possible damage to foundation until it happens. Both old and new foundations at Galveston are vulnerable. Luckily we have skills to repair    different types of foundations of all ages.

We apply permanent solutions that create strong structure to safeguard foundations against future damage after repair by preventing soil loosening and penetration of water. Please call us at: (281) 201-4724 to schedule a FREE Consultation.