Foundation Repair Katy Texas is a place located in Houston Tx, neighbors with San Antonio and Clear lake with soft clay soil making it a region with high demand for foundation repair . The foundation of a home is placed directly above the ground. Its role is to join building structure with underlying zone of rock or soil without excessive movement or settlement. The soil beneath a home is fondly referred to as second foundation. Foundations that sit on soil that is prone to movement make a home vulnerable to foundation failure therefore needs foundation repair specialists. Katy tx soft clay soil is cause of foundation problems for homes in this and general Texas area.

Our approach to Katy Foundation Repair Companies

There are several methods used to repair foundation problems. One of the common methods is to place several stacks of concrete to make the structure to be level. Concrete piers are driven up to the hard rocks placed under soft clay. It is achieved by driving piers deep via a hole drilled on the ground. Columns are then used to support foundation issues to prevent shifting.

We are a seasoned company therefore will provide you with vast range of options necessary for repairing residential or commercial structures from numerous problems that occur as a result of clay soil.

Our service is tailored to give you the best service.

A simple look at a crack by a layman will not give an accurate picture of underlying damage and cause, however most foundation companies can tell right away what the problem is. This is why we insist on sending an experienced technician over to assess cracks to determine the likely, the most suitable method to repair the foundation damage and accurate estimate of cost. We also involve our clients in the process. An expert foundation repair services specialist discusses their areas of concern so as to consider that when evaluating their structures both inside and outside. It enables them to get full picture about underlying issues concerning foundation repair structure.

Foundations we repair

Our team will help you repair different types of foundations including:

Slab-on-grade foundations- These are shallow kind of foundations often constructed for reinforcing concrete. These foundations do not usually have basements but are more susceptible to movement when weather or seasons change.

Pier and beam foundations- These are foundations made using concrete piers and footings. They usually have crawl spaces under a home and the support frames

Basements- Lateral movements in underlying soil below basement might cause heave. We help to settle this by digging out for basement then build walls to provide support for house above.

We use our experience of many years to provide excellent foundation repair service at affordable cost. For any problems with your foundation repairs, please call our customer service for a free estimate: (281) 201 - 4725 to schedule a FREE Katy business Consultation.