Situated neatly on Route 59 certainly has its benefits, but due to the vibrations from the highway, it’s not unheard of for homes in and around Kendleton to suffer with structural damage. As trucks pass en masse, they can sometimes cause support beams and foundations to vibrate until they crack, split, or wear away. When paired with the seasonal rain and the potential for water to cause more damage, you may well find yourself in need of reputable foundation repair services.

Our specialty

We specialize in all tasks relating to the installation, repair, and maintenance of foundations and sewers – so much so that we’ve become recognized as one of the leading providers in Texas. Each member of our team has undergone extensive training, to ensure that they are capable of taking care of a variety of repair duties.

Whether you need a contractor to take care of an installation, a repairman to address a structural concern, or a consultant to offer advice and guidance – we have the team for you.

Here’s a selection of our most popular services:

Foundation and structural repair, especially projects that relate to the correction of beams/ supports

Waterproofing features that ensure your foundations remain free from water

Slab repair for larger blocks of foundations, namely those that offer weight distribution to entire parts of the home

Our services aren’t your run of the mill solutions; they are highly effective and professionally undertaken features that can make all the difference to a home. Whether your property features pier foundations or other similar alternatives we can evaluate their condition, as well as any damage that might be present.

We will then rectify any concerns to make sure that your property remains structurally sound and secure into the future. To book our services, simply give us a call today on (281) 201 - 4725.


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