League City is   situated in state of Texas and has significant foundation problems because the soils in the area are clay which does not have good holding capacity.   Over 2% of surface on this City located mid point between Galveston and Houston is water.

This is largely a water resort and residential area. Most commercial buildings and home are built on concrete slab foundations. These foundations are subject to stress and forces exerted by movement of clay soil. Clay soils in League City absorb large amount of water because of high absorption properties when the weather is cold.

During hot dry weather conditions, clay soils lose equally large amount of water. The result is that clay soils move vertically and horizontally something that most rigid concrete slab foundations cannot withstand therefore crack. When a foundation cracks, it will cause damage to interior of a building in form of cracks on the wall or cracked floors.

Our foundation damage solutions

We help to restore foundations to their original state through comprehensive repairs.  Our action is meticulous so as to stabilize buildings that had moved from original construction design and give stability to damaged structure.

We only begin working after sending a staff geologist and foundation repair experts. We will send the team to our clients within hours of clients contacting us to evaluate their foundation. Our technicians are highly trained to inspect a building and provide complete and honest evaluation. If there is a need to do some repairs, they will provide cost effective solution.

The foundation inspections are free and non obligation.

Our unique workmanship

We know that each foundation repair work is different from others. We therefore take special care and ensure we repair foundations according to their state. We are proud to find solutions for commercial and residential sectors. We strive to offer lifetime solutions to the foundation problems at a price that building owners can afford.

We only use materials of highest quality in this industry and send highly trained staff members to sites. They are trained by senior geologists on the latest technology and tools to use for foundation repair in order to formulate ideal long lasting solution without damaging anything else within the building structure.

Our service is set apart from others because of in-depth knowledge of geology in League City. We also closely monitor the activities on underground drainage and plumbing lines. We therefore we know when foundation damage is as a result of soil structure movement or   human activities.

Please call us at: (281) 201-4724 to schedule a FREE Consultation any foundation problems.