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The geographical location of Pleak often puts it at the blunt end of severe storms during colder seasons and powerful UV rays over the course of the summer. These elements can take their toll on a variety of materials and resources, but it’s their effect on underground facilities that can be really detrimental. UV rays and water can both harm the structure of foundations and beams, and over time these supports can soon start to show the signs of decay.

Where we come in

Our experts have been offering foundation repair services for years, and as a result there aren’t many types that we haven’t dealt with at some point. Not only do we have the technical knowledge and prowess to complete all sorts of projects with ease; we also have access to a range of effective tools and facilities to help us maximize results.

Whether you have only recently noticed the signs of damage, or if you’ve been watching things deteriorate over a period of time – you’ll undoubtedly want to ensure that your foundations remain structurally sound.

We can do this by offering:

Repair services that make sure that your beams and piers remain in a functional condition

Re-alignment features for foundations that may have suffered from tremors and subsidence

Waterproofing facilities which can help to guarantee that water can be deterred

Picking a reliable team of service providers should be a top priority, and that’s why we make a point of being as transparent as possible with our clients. From dealing with the smallest properties all the way to the largest premises; we promise to dedicate our time, energy and effort to the successful completion of every repair task that we undertake.

To learn more about our services (or for a no obligation quote) you can reach our friendly team directly by calling (281) 201 - 4725.


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