The uniquely situated Thomspons city is ideally placed around one of Fort Bends most prominent lakes. From fishing activities to water sports – local residents can often be seen traversing the calm waters within the region. As with all water sources, the tendency for underwater channels to take their toll on local properties can be quite prolific; especially where foundations are concerned.

How we can help

Over time water can cause a substantial amount of damage to foundations, regardless of whether they are made of concrete or wood. The latter type of material can suffer far more than the former, but our professional team will still prioritize the repair of both types of structure to ensure the integrity of the property in question.

Some damage is a lot more prominent than it might first appear, and this is why we strive to provide an extensive evaluation process before we undertake any project.

Some of our most common services relate to:

Structural repairs including repairing foundations, beams, and supports

Waterproofing facilities to ensure that all traces of underground hydration are deterred

Moisture control systems to further eliminate the risks posed by water sources and channels

We take pride in our work and will only ever consider a project completed when it is done to the satisfaction of our clients. We prioritise structural integrity, security, and safety above all else - and when considering our affordable rates and willingness to help, we like to think that we offer one of the best-rounded services available.

There’s no easier way to get in touch with us than by calling our team directly on (281) 201 - 4725. We are always available to provide information, offer advice, or to book in a free consultation. We can even provide a no obligation quote, and will be more than happy to offer our services within a timeframe that suits you.


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