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Missouri City is situated at Houston/Galveston metro area. This is a place that experiences many problems with foundation and there are many who have to seek for foundation repair services. The reason is that that the City is located at a geographical area which has large concentrations of clay soil. Unfortunately, these clay soils are not the best for home and building foundations.

One of outstanding characteristics of clay soil is that they contract and expand with changes in the water content.   Clay soils absorb large water quantities during the wet   and rainy weather making their volume to swell. This finally causes uplifting part of rigid concrete slab foundations. Finally it cracks. There is always almost corresponding damage to the interior or exterior of homes or commercial buildings.

Hot and dry weather for a long period makes clay soils to lose water then shrink dramatically.  It causes the soil to lose contact with the concrete above it. It finally leaves such portion without support. It can therefore crack, and collapse also causing some damage to interior and exterior sections of a building. We are a reliable company along with our partner company Level Pro Foundation Repair offering a well designed service by experts to repair damaged foundations making them strong again.

Our Missouri City Foundation Repair Services

We offer several foundation repair services including:

  • Concrete foundation repair
  • Commercial and residential foundation repair
  • Pier and Beam foundation repairs
  • Crawl space repair
  • Drainage and plumbing inspections/repairs
  • Multi-unit repair
  • Slab foundation and leak repair
  • Install tree root barriers

Why choose to hire us for your foundation repair work?

  • We are committed to providing services that meet customer satisfaction for each project
  • We engage in vast range of foundation repair services for various types of residential and commercial projects including apartments, condos, hotels, churches, offices and industrial buildings.
  • We have a responsive team that attends to clients  needs and provides solutions within short time
  • We  embrace hands-on approach for client services therefore  everyone can get full access to senior management
  • We have a highly professional team that does everything to suit client needs
  • Clients get warranties for complete work

The full commitment to provide excellent foundation repair is a tradition we have maintained over the years resulting to superb quality work for the clients.  All foundation repair projects we take up are assigned to experienced workers that complete them in efficient, timely manner while giving much attention to detail. For quality workmanship please call us at: (281) 201 - 4725 to schedule a FREE Consultation.

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